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What is net metering?

Net-Metering is the policy in which you can sell the extra production of solar panels to the grid to lower the cost of electricity used. The grid will net off your sold units and you can make reasonable savings through net metering. This is one of the greatest benefits of solar energy. You can make great savings if you wisely select the size and production of solar panels according to your needs of electricity and available space for the installation of panels. You must produce more solar energy than you require to derive benefit from net metering.

What is net metering

Working of Net-Metering:

It is almost impossible to calculate the quantity of energy required and produced by solar panels during daytime hours. Solar panels installed on the roof of the house produce extra energy from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. If the usage of electricity is less than the consumption, the extra energy is stored in batteries and even after storing, some quantity of energy is wasted unless it is exported to the grid. The grid credit off your electricity bill by the units you have exported between daytime hours.

What is net metering

Advantages of Net-Metering:

The net-metering policy has many benefits for people with fewer energy requirements and the national grid at the same time.

Reduction in Electricity Bills:

Your electricity bill decreases if you are using solar energy through solar panels and exporting the excess energy to the grid. The energy company credits your bill either by the retail price or wholesale price, which results in a decrease in your electricity bill. This is how you recover your investment in a short time and finally start saving money. Net-metering is the best method of savings through solar panels.

Savings for Government:

Energy purchased from Net-metered solar panels is a very cheap source of energy for the grid. The government has not made any type of investment for getting energy. People themselves invest in solar panels and get a net-metering policy from the grid. Government has not to invest huge amounts to construct energy houses. They even they don’t have to pay any type of amount for guarantee or other requirements.

Increase in investment:

The solar industry has sought more investments in the past few years. It is just because of the net metering policy. People are buying more solar panels so they can contribute to savings of energy and private savings. This results in an increase in investment in solar energy.

More jobs creation:

Interest in net-metering connections not only increases investment but also increases the jobs for different sectors such as the solar industry, solar panel installers, electricians and researchers, etc.

What is net metering


It is not easy to manage all the expenses due to day-by-day increasing inflation all over the world. You have to take some wise decisions to cut off your extra expenses. You also need to make an investment that can pay back quickly and have higher remunerations. Net-metering is one of the best options for people with lower needs for energy. Net metering is the best investment in the current era because it has double payback. It fulfills your energy needs and you can also export the energy to the grid to cut off your electricity bills.

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