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What is green energy? Importance types of Green Energy

Green Energy

In general, “the energy produced by Solar, Wind, geothermal, biogas and other biomass sources is termed as Green Energy”. It provides the best environmental benefits for humans. We are getting aware of our impact on the planet, hence, are getting more conscious about it. We are getting closer to Green Energy than conventional energy being produced by non-renewable resources.

What is green energy

Working principle of Green Energy:

The energy we use in our daily life appliances is a mixture of Green, Renewable, and Conventional energy. The energy from all the mentioned sources reaches the grid and is mixed up to transport to regional grids and finally, electricity travels to common people and industry for use. Therefore, when you purchase green energy, you are not actually getting green electricity for your house; rather, you are paying a little premium to help defray the expense of adding more renewable energy to the grid. The best approach to significantly minimize the carbon footprint connected with your energy use is to use solar panels, which are ideal for individuals who want to go green at home but lack the space or resources for a solar panel array. Additionally, it increases access to green energy for more families and companies and is the most cost-effective option to promote large-scale renewable energy investment.

What is green energy

Types of Green Energy:

Depending upon the source of production, there are different types of Green Energy. However, some of them suit a specific area or region, yet it is worst for another region. Therefore, be careful to select the best Green Energy for your home or business.

  1. Solar Energy:

The source of Solar Energy is the Sun and the Stars. They emit an immense amount of energy during the nuclear fusion reaction. This energy hits the earth in the form of solar radiation. These radiations are converted to usable form Electricity through a specific process. It cleanest source of Green Energy.

We commonly use Solar Panels to convert light into electricity. These panels are loaded with photovoltaic cells which convert the light of the Sun into current through the Photoelectric Effect. The produced current is passed through Inverter to convert into Alternating Current. In the end, the Electricity is transferred to home appliances or the Grid to mix in Green Energy. There is no harmful waste or process in the production of Solar Energy.

  • Wind Energy:

As you can guess by the name, this type of energy involves the role of wind in the production of electricity for homes and Grids. But technically, it is a form of Solar Energy. The phenomenon of winds depends upon the difference in temperature of the atmosphere. The difference in temperature depends upon the circulation of Earth around the Sun and the Spinning motion. The speed and nature of water are also affected by the surface such as water or land, planes or mountains, etc.

Three-blade huge turbines are installed in the consistently windy area. The wind hits the blades of the turbine and moves it. These wings rotate a rotor inside the turbine which is connected to a power generator. When the rotor rotates, it turns on the generator and the generator generates electricity. You may think that air blows free everywhere in the world but huge turbines and power generators are much more costly. 

  • Hydroelectric Energy:

It works through the power of water flow and gravity. Water is stored and allowed to flow through a narrow path. The energy of water per square meter increases due to flowing through and path. This high energy and used to rotate the turbine which is connected to a power generator. The rotation of turbines activates the generator which produces electricity.

Hydroelectric Energy is the most popular form of Green Energy. It is also a pollution-free source of electricity. The whole world is using this technique widely to fulfill the needs of energy for lay people and industry.

  • Biogas:

Biogas gives some other benefits along with producing energy. In this technique, the sewage, garbage, industrial wastes, and manure are stored in oxygen containers. These containers cause these wastes to ferment and produce methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Methane is used to produce electricity. It is also used as fuel in vehicles.

The wastes present in biogas digesters in converted into useful fertilizers which can be used in crops. Biogas is most useful because it has a combo of benefits. It produces energy and turns waste into useful materials. It is a popular source of green energy in this era.

What is green energy

Importance of Green Energy:

We have mostly relied on energy from non-renewable resources such as Coal, Natural gas, and other fossil fuels. There are many side effects of these sources of energy, out of which pollution is the biggest issue to deal with. These will end up one day as well.

Green energy is playing a vital role in the world. It is a pollution-free source of energy. Moreover, some types of green energy such as Biogas utilize the wastes that can cause pollution and convert it into energy and also provides byproducts such as fertilizers and fuel for vehicles. It is lower in cost. It is renewable, unlike conventional energy sources such as coal, natural gas, and kerosene oil.

The sources of green energy will never end up because the water, winds, sun, and wastes for biogas will be present consistently. These are renewable resources of energy. Humans can reproduce these resources. For example, if a windmill is out of order, it can be repaired or even sold in scrape and create a new one with more advancement.

There is less maintenance and repair in green energy resources. Because there are fewer movements in parts of machinery required to generate energy. You can see there are no moving parts in solar energy. The wind turbines for the production of wind energy have movement of machinery but there is no involvement of combustion like conventional sources of energy. These facts lead green energy towards less wear and tear.


In simple words, green energy is overall the best source of energy. It is cost-effective and pollution-free. It saves money and effort. It involves no combustion process which makes it environmentally friendly and safe for workers. We should use green energy in houses and businesses to play a useful role in the economy.

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