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Top 10 tips to boost solar panel savings

Top 10 tips to boost solar panel savings

Moving to solar energy was your smart decision but you still need to be smart to get the most out of your solar system. You need to take care of your valuable investment in the solar system. Only the installation of solar systems can save money. You can maximize the output of solar energy and boost your savings by following the given top 10 tips.

Use heavy appliances during the day:

Heavy appliances should be used during the day when you are getting free solar energy directly from the sun. Everyone thoughts it is a good tip but most of them ignore it. Use heavy appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer during the day. Don’t turn on the dishwasher in the evening. You can do all the laundry and dishwashing during the day. You can also wash the dishes used for dinner in the morning.

  • Sequence the usage:

Make a sequence of using energy for heavy appliances. Use only one appliance at a time. For example, you can turn on the washing machine first, then turn on the dryer when you’re done with washing. Then, you can run the dishwasher and so on. Using two heavy appliances can go to draw electricity from the grid. This will increase the energy usage from the grid and result in high electricity bills.

  • Heating and cooling in the afternoon:

Last daylight hours can be used to heat or cool your home efficiently. You can use solar energy for this purpose and then turn off the AC and heaters. Your home will be at a suitable temperature at night without using energy from the grid. This will be a very smart step to use solar energy properly. Grid energy usage will decrease and provide you with a bunch of extra savings.

  • Check for shade and debris:

The shadow can decrease the performance of solar panels. They do not get direct sunlight. As a result, there is poor energy consumption and less efficiency. The same is the case for debris and other impurities on the surface of solar panels. You must check for debris or shade on regular basis. Take necessary steps well in time for cleaning the solar panels and cutting the trees that are causing shade on solar panels in the daytime.

Top 10 tips to boost solar panel savings
  • Clean the solar panels:

Cleanliness is important in every field of life. Solar panels also require the proper cleaning so they can absorb the energy from sunlight and produce maximum energy for you. They are providing you with immense savings and comfort regarding energy. So, you must clean them properly on regular basis. Cleaning the solar panels isn’t a big deal. You can do it yourself after consulting your installer.

However, the panels installed at a high location aren’t easy to clean. You should think about your safety and spray the panels on standing ground. You can also hire professionals to clean your solar panels.

  • Upgrade to energy-efficient appliances:

You must switch to the latest energy-efficient technology of all the appliances such as AC, heaters, and especially light bulbs. It would help if you switched to LED bulbs from old technology bulbs because LED bulbs use almost 75% less energy than others. They also produce less heat. LED light bulbs last longer. After wisely switching to solar, you need another wise decision to switch to energy-efficient appliances.

  • Shop around for a better rate:

While solar often lessens your need to purchase electricity from the grid, your energy retailer will still charge you a “supply charge” for supplying electricity to your house. You may lower your supply charge even further to further lessen your expense. To further reduce your rate, keep an eye out for a decent solar feed-in tariff. This will surely boost your savings.

  • Add a battery to the solar system:

If you don’t already have a battery, we advise you to look at your statement and determine how many kWh you are exporting to determine whether a battery would be beneficial for you. You may use a battery to store any extra solar energy that your solar panel system produces during the day for usage at night. This implies that solar electricity might be used both day and night.

Installing a battery will probably help you get the most out of your system if you’re exporting 12kWh (on average) each day back into the grid. Additionally, a battery can provide you with blackout protection.

  • Buy hot water heat pump:

Heat pumps for hot water can be powered by solar energy and consume up to 75% less energy than a typical electric hot water system. They function similarly to a battery in this way, storing extra solar energy as hot water and perhaps lowering your operating expenses to only a few cents each day. Investing in a heat pump hot water system might be a great next step if you export solar energy during the day but aren’t quite ready to add a battery.

Top 10 tips to boost solar panel savings

Monitor the solar system and usage:

Monitoring the solar system and your usage is very important. You must keep an eye on the working of your solar system to make sure it’s working in optimal condition. All famous brands of solar panel manufacturers have an app to monitor the performance and usage of solar panels. You can individually monitor the solar panels. You can also consult the grid energy provider or the electricity bills to check out the usage of grid energy. You must make a wise decision to decrease the usage of grid energy to decrease the bill.


Installation of solar panels is itself a good decision to boost savings. However, you further need to take the necessary steps to maintain the savings. All the above-mentioned tips and tricks work for sure if you have read carefully and applied them in the best possible way. List down the possible tips you can work on and boost the savings. That is the plan in which you made a big investment.

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