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Solar panel price in Pakistan

Solar panel price in Pakistan

Solar panels are getting more fame all over Pakistan due to increasing rates of grid energy. Every people without discrimination rich or poor are willing to install a solar system for their home. Solar energy is affordable and a good decision according to the current situation of inflation. But it is very important to have a complete guide about the price of solar panels. We have gathered all desired information in this article that you need to know. You will be able to have a very close estimate after reading this article.

There are many factors affecting the cost of solar panels in Pakistan. The most important factors are the type of solar system, equipment, and structure of the solar system. This can create great confusion for any person who doesn’t have enough knowledge and guidance about the price of the solar system.

The average cost of the solar system in Pakistan: 

 Here is given an average estimated cost of solar panels depending on the capacity. You must know that it is an estimate and different factors can affect this cost. Don’t take it as a tag price of solar panels of any specific brand or company.

The average cost of installation of a solar system in Pakistan is approximately $8,400. The 5kW solar system is the smallest variant available in the market. It roughly costs about $4,500. The cost of solar systems increases as you go for bigger variants and reaches up to $12,400.

Solar panel price in Pakistan

On-gird solar system price in Pakistan:

An on-grid solar system means you send the extra solar energy to the grid after fulfilling your own needs for energy for your home or business. It is also known as Net-metering solar system. In this system, you are less dependent on grid energy. But you use only grid energy at night. Your electricity bill is decreased through the units you sent back to the grid throughout the month.

You can consider the following pricing table as an estimate:

System SizeSolar System Price in Pakistan
5 kW On-Grid Solar Energy System in Pakistan$4,500
10 kW On-Grid Solar Energy System in Pakistan$8,100
15 kW On-Grid Solar Energy System in Pakistan$11,000
20 kW On-Grid Solar Energy System in Pakistan$12,400

The average price of an on-grid solar system is $8,100. It came for homes and commercial or agriculture. The on-grid system is affordable for everyone who has less usage of energy. However, it is available for up to 20kW in the market. It is less expensive than other types such as off-grid hyper solar systems because you do not buy solar batteries. You use grid energy and send extra solar energy to the grid.

Price of the solar system depending upon units consumed:

Calculating the price of the solar system through the average monthly consumption of units is a very easy and accurate method. You just need to calculate the average monthly units consumed and then you can consult the following table for getting an estimated price. Take a look at the table given below:

Monthly Unit ConsumptionSolar System Price in Pakistan
500 – 600 units$4,500
750 – 900 units$5,500
1100 – 1200 units$8,100
1700 – 1800 units$11,000
2300 – 2400 units$12,400
3400 – 3600 units$17,800

Some people get confused about their average monthly consumption of units. It is a pretty simple task. All you have to do is to take the latest bill and find a table where consumed units of the previous 12 months are mentioned. Read it carefully and get the maximum consumption and minimum consumption. You can use an average number or the highest consumption so you don’t need to worry about the energy needs.

Solar panel price in Pakistan

Solar system price by the monthly bill:

The amount of the monthly electricity bill can be a good option to calculate the price of the solar system for you. But it is helpful when the price of electricity is stable for a longer period.

Monthly Electricity BillSolar System Price in Pakistan
Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 15,000$4,500
Rs. 15,000 – Rs. 20,000$5,500
Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 30,000$5,500
Rs. 40,000 – Rs. 50,000$11,000
Rs. 50,000 – Rs. 65,000$12,400

The economic conditions of Pakistan are not stable currently. Due to this, the rate of electricity units is fluctuating to a big extent. Sometimes, the fuel adjustments are also added to the electricity bill which increases the total amount of the bill. Corrections or payables from the previous month can also affect the electricity bill. Hence, you should rely on units consumed instead of the number of bills to calculate the price of your desired solar panels.

Price of solar panels by appliances:

You can also estimate the price by calculating the number of appliances and dividing them into different categories. We have a table of the number of appliances of different types and prices of solar panels. it will be helpful for you to understand the calculation of the price. You can select the plan that suits you depending on the appliances.

PriceFansLightsInverter ACs (1.5 ton)FridgeLED TVWater Pump / Washing Machine / Iron
$4,5006101110 / 1 / 1
$8,10010153120 / 1 / 1
$11,00020304231 / 1 / 1
$12,40025355542 / 2 / 1

This is also a rough estimate and can vary the price because you may run some appliances for a long time while others do not run for weeks. You need to be careful in this estimation. You will have to consider the hours you run an appliance and its power specification. You should consult an expert for this type of calculation.

Solar system price in Pakistan by structure:

You should also consider the structure of the installation of solar panels while estimating the price. There are two types of installations of solar panels in Pakistan. Ground-mounted installation involves the installation of solar panels near the ground. It is also called standard structure installation. It is less expensive.

On the other hand, some people tend to install solar panels higher from the ground to use for other purposes. It involves modified frames to hold the panels above in the air. It is more expensive than the standard structure installation.

You can take help from the following table to understand the prices of both types of installations.

Solar System Size in PakistanStandard StructureCustomized Structure
5 kW Solar System$4,500$4,800
10 kW Solar System$8,100$8,700
15 kW Solar System$11,000$11,700
20 kW Solar System$12,400$13,300


There are multiple factors affecting the price of solar panels in Pakistan. You have to be very accurate in your calculation and wisely select the parameter of calculations. Secondly, the markets are not stable in Pakistan due to the economic crisis and political uncertainty. This can cause high variation in above mentioned prices. You can consider them but you are also highly recommended to take quotations from the sellers before finalizing your decision from above mentioned information.

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