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Maintenance and Installation of solar panels

Maintenance and Installation of solar panels

Solar panels are expensive hence, should be carefully installed with complete components. Any mistake in the installation or missing components can stop the proper working of solar panels. Solar panels need proper maintenance after installation for long-term work. It is very important to know the complete components of the solar system.


Before we discuss the components, the most important factor is the location of installation. People mostly select the roof for installation of solar panels which is a very good decision. Because the specifications of a roof best match to requirements of solar panel installation. The roof provides the highest sunlight to solar panels so they can work at maximum capacity.

In some exceptional cases, the roof cannot be used due to any reason. In this case, the ground is the only option, but make sure that sunlight hits the ground directly.

Maintenance and Installation of solar panels

The following are the components of the Solar panel system:

  • Solar Panels or Modules
  • Mounting System
  • A solar inverter or Computerized Controller
  • Batteries (for backup for nighttime)

The procedure of Installation:

Solar panels can be installed by following the under-mentioned steps:


Safety comes first in any work, so you have to erect strong scaffolding. So that the process of installation of solar panels goes smoothly and safely, moreover, it makes the installation easier.

Solar Panel Mountings:

The solar panel mounts support the solar panel and provide an angle to capture maximum sunlight. You install the mounts in such a way that solar panels are at an angle of 18 to 36 degrees to the sun. However, the angle may be different in some areas.

Solar Panels:

Once you have installed the solar mounts and the angle is adjusted accordingly, you can install the solar panels. Fix the solar panels in place carefully. Tight all the nuts and duly check to avoid any type of discomfort in the future.

Maintenance and Installation of solar panels

Connection wires:

Connection wires should be installed when you are sure about the installation of solar panels. Use the best quality wire connectors. Always remember to turn off all the home appliances that are connected to electricity.

Solar Inverter:

The solar inverter is a very important part of the solar system because it converts the generated current into an alternating current. Solar inverters should be installed in a cool place so they can give the best performance. These are mostly installed at a place that has proper ventilation to maintain a cool temperature throughout the year. The inverter should be safe from the sun and rain. It should not be at a big distance from the solar panels as well.

Connect the solar batteries and the inverter:

Solar battery storage has an important role in providing you with good savings. The sun is not continuously shining bright. Sometimes the weather is overcast and cloudy. Solar batteries store energy for these conditions and especially for the nighttime. Connect the solar batteries with the inverter.

Connect inverter and consumer unit:

It is an important aspect to inspect how much electricity is being produced by your solar system. In which hours your solar system is giving the highest production of electricity? You can use different devices such as a computer or a simple generation meter. This will help you to decide which hours you can use high-voltage utilities and which hours you cannot. The connection between the inverter and the consumer unit is significantly important.

Testing of solar panels and the connections:

When all connections are properly done, you can test the solar system. Simply turn on the solar system and start testing by different methods, such as checking the production on the generation meter or computer device connected to the system. Check the house utilities either they are in working condition on solar energy or not.

Maintenance of solar panels:

Solar panels demand the most minor repair and maintenance due to all stationary parts. However, it is recommended to inspect the entire solar system and clean the solar panels regularly. The dust and other blockages on the surface of solar panels can block the absorption of sunlight, which results in a decrease in the production of electricity.

The installer companies provide specific warranties for the installation of the solar system. They may end the warranty if you clean the solar system yourself without consulting them. You should not uninstall any part of the solar system for cleaning. However, you can wash the face of solar panels with water to remove the dust and other sticky blockages. You can use a garden hose for spraying. The best time for washing is early morning when the sun shines bright. Cold water for cleaning is highly forbidden as it can damage the photovoltaic cells.

You may not be able to clean the panels yourself if they are installed at a high location or if they have too much dirt. In this case, the services of a cleaning company are recommended to avoid any type of loss. For you should hire an inspection team of installers after every 4 to 6 years. They will professionally uninstall the necessary parts to clean and install them again. This is a professionally difficult task so don’t try it yourself.

Maintenance and Installation of solar panels


All the machinery parts need proper cleaning, inspection, and maintenance for long-lasting working life. The solar energy system is also machinery but it requires the least maintenance and cleaning due to the absence of moving parts. However, dust and other impurities can decrease the productivity of energy. So, you should examine the solar panels regularly and clean them yourself carefully. For the next level, you should consult a cleaning company. You can also consult your installing company for maintenance of other parts.

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