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All you need to know about solar panels warranty

All you need to know about solar panels warranty

Investment in solar panels is a very crucial decision. You need to be very conscious and clever about every aspect while designing the plan of investment. There are many things that you need to know before buying solar panels. You must know what you get from the supplier you are selecting. Read the quotation carefully and notice every point. Ask questions about offerings to be sure of your decision.

One of the most important factors is the warranty on solar panels. The warranty differs in type and time as well. You must have complete knowledge of warranties. This article is about warranty solar panels.

All you need to know about solar panels warranty

Manufacturer’s warranty:

Manufacturers provide a warranty to protect you from any possible loss. Every manufacturer has its own time and terms and conditions of the warranty. Read the terms and conditions carefully to get full awareness. Here are two types of warranties offered by the manufacturers.

  1. Performance warranty:

The performance warranty covers the performance of solar panels up to a specific degradation. It states a specific level of efficiency of solar panels and offers the repair or replacement, whichever is suitable. Currently, manufacturers are offering a performance warranty of 25 to 30 years. Good manufacturers may provide a high percentage of performance while others may describe a little low performance as the bottom line of warranty.

The performance warranty is purely about individual solar panels. It does not estimate the specific amount of solar energy produced by an overall solar system installed. It tells a percentage that will be the lower limit of performance. Panels will not reach the lower limit under suitable conditions during the time of warranty.

Consider a scenario in which your system was properly installed, receives enough sunshine, yet nonetheless produces less energy than you would want. A defective solar panel is most likely responsible for the underperformance. Your manufacturer’s warranty would apply in this situation. You can freely contact the seller and inform them about the problem. You will get the best possible solution.

  • Product Warranty:

Manufacturers give product warranties to replace or repair the solar products if there is any fault in the material or a product is faulty. It is up to the manufacturers whether they replace or repair the faulty product. The cost related to diagnoses of the issue or labor costs are not under warranty. You will have to pay all the expenses related to diagnoses, labor, and shipment of products to the supplier and from the supplier to your address. The supplier will only repair or replace the faulty product.

All you need to know about solar panels warranty

Guarantees offered by installers:

Installers share a big part in the performance of the solar system. Hence, they also offer some guarantees. You should also take into account this factor. Some solar installation providers may provide additional warranties and guarantees over and beyond those provided by the product’s manufacturer. The performance guarantee, which ensures the full solar production of your system, makes up the majority of this warranty.

Imagine, all of your panels are operating as they should, but the system as a whole isn’t producing as much as it might. This can be the consequence of improper setup, bad equipment location, or unusual weather circumstances at the time. This is probably when the installer’s performance guarantee would apply.


You should know the differences between the manufacturer’s warranties and those provided by your installation provider. The manufacturer backs the panel’s capacity to produce energy with production guarantees. You can be sure that the overall system output will be at the level that is stated in your solar proposal thanks to a performance guarantee.

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