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2023 Solar Panel Installation; Choosing the Right Installer

2023 Solar Panel Installation; Choosing the Right Installer

The most crucial step after investing in solar panels is choosing the best Installer. Installation is the most important step after buying the best solar panels. The efficient solar panel installation ensures the highest return on investment. The solar industry has been continuously in boom for many years. Due to this, many installation companies are showing themselves as adept at the most efficient installation of solar panels, which is an entirely wrong claim for many of them.

Have you found the best solar panel supplier and now want the best Installer? How can you find the best Installer out of the vast market? It would be best if you had a helping hand in this sense. This article is a complete guide about solar panel installation and choosing the right installer.

Solar Panel Installation Steps

Solar panel installation is a systematic procedure in which each step is crucial. Following are the steps to follow in sequence.

  1. I am installing the mount. Put the solar panels in place.
  2. Install the electrical wiring.
  3. Connect the solar inverter to the system.
  4. Connect the solar inverter to the solar battery.
  5. Link the solar inverter to the power grid.
  6. Turn on the solar inverter.

Choosing the right Installer for your solar panels

Follow up on the below-mentioned steps to find the best solar panel installer.

Solar Installers Should Be Accredited:

If possible, at the very least, look for solar installers that are MCS-approved. Also, a quality solar installation could be accredited by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, the Solar Trade Association, or Renewable Energy Assurance Limited (REAL) (RECC). Crucially, for you to be eligible for the Feed in Tariff program and associated rewards, your Installer must hold MCS accreditation.

Companies don’t need to use high-pressure sales tactics:

The consumer policy for solar equipment businesses states that they cannot employ high-pressure sales techniques or any on-the-spot discounts to compel you to choose right now. It’s usually better if you don’t proceed with the firm delivering your quotation if you feel pressured by them. You have made no decisions and are solely reliant on any installer company. You must check all the requirements and ensure the company is right for you. If not, try a different one instead of becoming the victim of any company tactics.

2023 Solar Panel Installation; Choosing the Right Installer

Get at Least Three Quotations:

Will you sign a contract of installation depending upon a single quotation? Wait! We have a different plan for you for a better economic decision.

Ask at least three businesses to provide you with installation quotes. This will allow you to not only compare costs from several suppliers but also acquire a sense of the business and determine whether you are comfortable dealing with them. Having options instead of a monopoly is better in all senses.

Research the Companies and Ask for References:

A reputable solar installer should have been in operation for a while and shouldn’t have trouble providing references or client testimonials. Check out how long they have been in operation for yourself, and don’t be duped by a slick website into believing they are more capable than they are. Be conscious of getting honest reviews about any company.

Ask Your Neighbors:

Don’t hesitate to knock on doors if you know any neighbors who have previously had solar panels installed, and ask them whether they would recommend the company. Discover who they employed and what worked and didn’t throughout the installation process by speaking with consumers. Most solar investors will happily show you their system and tell you about the business that installed it.

Know What You Want:

The type of solar panel you need for your house depends on your budget and priorities. There are many different types of solar panels available. Be sure you comprehend the differences to know what you are being priced for. Solar thermal panel construction and variations in PV panel crystalline structure can significantly impact their effectiveness and installation costs.

Expect them to come to your home:

Without visiting the home, it is hard to determine whether a property is suitable for solar; therefore, be cautious of any firm that offers an “over the phone” price. Expect them to come to the house, check the roof for structural soundness, examine your light meters, and ask questions about your habits and energy use. Always consider the importance of site assessment when choosing an installer.

Expect additional advice and recommendations:

Your house must have an energy performance certificate rating of at least D or higher to receive the maximum FIT payment. As a result, a reputable solar installation company will frequently advise you on improving your home’s overall energy efficiency. Trustworthy and expert solar panel installation companies know deeply about solar panel policies. As a result, they will provide you with additional recommendations that the average person is unaware of.

2023 Solar Panel Installation; Choosing the Right Installer

Clarify what the quotation includes:

Written, itemized quotations that are particular to your house should be used. Never accept a guesstimate or a sum that seems to have been conjured out of thin air. Request to examine the breakdown and inquire about any leftover goods. In specific installations, expensive equipment like scaffolding may be needed, but in others, the roof may need to be strengthened before the panels are installed. Verify that everything has been quoted; otherwise, the ultimate amount can be a rude surprise.

Check what aftercare you will be offered:

Your solar system should be guaranteed or warranted during a specific period, though the duration varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. Verify what you are getting with your selected Installer and inquire about the services they offer if the equipment breaks down or requires maintenance after the installation. Check who will be responsible for the labor expenses if the manufacturer’s warranty is still in effect. Still, the installers’ license has expired because there may be a discrepancy in length between the two.

In a nutshell:

Whichever method you choose to select a solar panel installer, avoid hiring a company on a hunch. After all, this is a significant amount of work being done to your home, and if anything should go wrong or be built improperly, a new roof is an expensive investment. Compare installers’ prices carefully before hiring them because if the work is subpar or the guarantee is worthless, you won’t remember the £200 you saved.

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